May 17

Thinking Globally - Tellurium and Internationalization

Posted by Ajay


There are more than 6,000 languages in use around the world today. So imagine the vast array of characters your application is introduced to. Any software product that involves users across the globe, has a very important requirement - the ability of users to interact with it in their own specific language, locale or cultural conventions. There are two main concepts that facilitate a software for international use

  • Internationalization - The software is designed such that it can be used in multiple geographic locations. This involves requirements such as requiring all messages and constants to be stored externally and not hard coded. Date, time or currency should not be assumed to have a certain convention but instead should be generic and manageable.
  • Localization - This is the process of adapting internationalized software to the user needs in a particular region or locale. This includes ability to translate.

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April 16

Call to Open Source Developers to work on Tellurium

Posted by Ajay

I am diverting myself from my usual slew of technical posts to advertise a great open source opportunity to fellow enthusiasts out there. I have been an active player in a very interesting open source project called Tellurium.

In simple terms Tellurium is an automated testing framework for web applications. Imagine a selenium like framework but without many of the disadvantages of selenium, imagine the freedom from having to use long and unwieldly XPath expressions, imagine tests robust enough to maintain themselves as the UI changes.

For a developer imagine the awesomeness and goodness that comes out of using Groovy and JQuery, intrigued?

Come join us, by checking out this link http://code.google.com/p/telluriumsource/wiki/TelluriumCallForParticipation


April 12

Licensing agreements, the trials and tribulations

Posted by Ajay

Licensing in open source has seen it’s share of trials and tribulations. To start off let me mention some major licenses that are making it’s rounds in the open source community:

  • MIT/BSD - this is a very liberal license that allows redistribution even without the source.
  • GPL - copy left license. This is a way to negate copyrights to encourage collaborative development. IT essentially grants the following rights - anyone can use the code, anyone can redistribute the code as long as the source is included and distribution license remains GPL, any derivative work created of the code needs to be licensed under GPL.
  • LGPL - weaker copy left license, it allows lesser restrictions on making derivative work open source when there is a linking between non GPL and non open source software.
  • Apache License

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February 17

DYK Fact #1

Posted by Ajay

I think it is time I start of Did you know facts to keep my blog site updated regularly. Let’s start with a Java one

  • Did Ya Know that Java has virtual functions?

A virtual function is a member function that you expect to be redefined in derived classes. So yes Java does have virtual functions. Although functions in Java are virtual by default. But in essence what we cann method overriding is actually virtual functions. In order to prevent a method from being vitual just declare it as final.


January 12

Connection refused

Posted by Ajay

Have you ever encountered a “Connection Refused” error and beaten your head around to figure out what in the world was happening? Well I found myself sailing in the same boat, just 6 hours before a client demo, a day after I had an outpatient surgery.

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